Supefruit jewels

A popular fruit around the Holidays are pomegranates. Great color on the outside and bright little gems when you open it. Those little gems are called arils, and they are packed with antioxidant potency great for heart health. Some even believe this fruit to be a “cure all”.

But yet, we pass it by in the stores, unless we’re going to put it in our decorative bowls on the table. Ok, sometimes thinking of prying it open and getting stained by the juice hinders us.

There is now an easier, and tastier way. Just look for Juicy Gems!

What makes it different than what you’ve seen in the produce aisle? You find this bag of happiness in the freezer aisle!! They are just as versatile as a fresh pomegranate. Only this time there’s no difficulty in opening it and no stains on your clothes or fingers!

So simply thaw how much you need. A couple of handfuls work great on a fresh green salad with blue cheese. How about to add a little color and pop to your fresh fruit salad?

But wait! There’s more!! I came across a great recipe for …. pomegranate fudge!!

Simple ingredients of condensed milk, chocolate chips and, of course, juicy arils!

It may sound doubtful in results and taste.

The arils help balance out the sweetness of the fudge. Who knew?

Ok, I’ll admit, the arils are awesome frozen!

Want to give them a try? Check your local Walmart in the freezer aisle. Or go to their website for more recipes and locations as to where to find these gems.


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