Fuel for the Festivities

It’s “pre-” Thanksgiving and preparations have begun for all the festivities soon to come.

Over the next few weeks we set up for that special dinner where we give thanks for family and friends. Then it’s getting Santa’s list going, parties to mingle and more company to feed.

Through all of this we need to make sure our bodies are fueled enough to conquer the hustle and bustle, not to mention the chill in the air.

Food is the body’s fuel. The thought of stopping mid shopping or mid errands seems like a fleeting idea. But all you need is that boost that helps keep you going, no time for a sit down meal.

Is there such a find that will give you some fuel for your body, and not be junk food loaded with empty calories?? YES!! Yes there is!! It’s from Foodie Fuel, their product called Fuel Snacks.

It’s not a miracle energy drink type of snack, so you won’t feel a “crash” at the end of the day. What it is, is a delightful snack that you an munch on wherever you are.

I’m snacking on the Swiss Chocolate Flavor now. Yup, you heard right, Chocolate! Look how it’s a loaded bite size of flavor. The snacks contain all organic ingredients such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and even chia seeds. Don’t let all the “seeds” fool you, it truly is fuel and not just a snack.

It comes of four flavors all together. Swiss Chocolate, cinnamon ginger, coconut vanilla, and butter toffee- a crowd favorite with my family and friends.

They come in two sizes, 2 ounces and 4 ounces. I try to always have a 2 ounce pouch with me, just in case I need a little something to tide me over.

Ready to fuel up on the go? Then you need to go to : http://www.foodiefuel.com From there you can find a store location that carries Fuel snacks. Or better yet order straight from them! One case can be 3-6 gift basket items; depending of course if you want to share!


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