The Month of “Thanks”

November is here and we are getting ready for family and friends to gather for the feast. That’s just what we see on the outside. In our hearts we prepare the “feast” to show our love for our loved ones.

It is comforting to know that Beyond our family and friends there are community supporters that share the feeling of family and gratitude for all those they work with. Such a company is Chick Fil A.

So for their Kids Craft Night, the children were given a small “task”. To write on a craft leaf what they are thankful for.

Then it is placed on the “giving tree” showing how thankful Chick-fil-A is for the families that support them.

One more craft, creating a Thanksgiving ornament!

All that crafting!! Time for dinner, each child participant received a complimentary 4pc chicken nugget Kids meal, with an Ive Dream to top it off!

Remember to check your local Chick Fil A location’s for events like these!


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