Fun dessert that “rolled”in

Originating in Thailand and other parts of Asia by street vendors, rolled (or Thai Stir Fry) ice cream has taken the nation by storm!

What is rolled ice cream? It’s a frozen dessert that began in 2009 as a way to mix either at or dairy milk with fruits and candies. With slow beginnings, it took off even more in 2012 and crossed the ocean in 2015.

The technique involves a milk base that is spread across a steel plate that’s temperature is below freezing. It’s at this point that fruits and or candies are mixed in, and with two metal spatulas- dessert magic begins. Now I know you’re thinking they do that at Cold Stone Creamery or Marble Slab….. this is different!

Just take a sneak peak of how the magic takes place.

For the true experience, you need to stop by and try one! Fortunately, I have one in my area by the name of Cold Platform! And it’s taken out neighborhood by storm!! They have a wide variety of flavor combinations, but I’ve been told you can get creative – the possibilities are endless! Which really can brighten your day.

No matter what the weather may be outside, we all love ice cream. For all ages and tastes we’re happy that this dessert has “rolled” into our cities!!


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