Easy apps in a flash

Having guests over always begins with “what can I serve that they haven’t had before?” Now, I know they probably aren’t expecting Michelin Star plates coming out. But, you want to serve something that takes you out of the usual menu.

We recently had a small gathering to celebrate my husband’s “milestone ” birthday. Coming up with the menu needed some thought. Chips and hummus? Veggie tray? How about tuna??

Yes, tuna! And in a can even! But which one? How about one that checks off many important factors. Take a look at Wild Planet Foods tuna. Important facts, the tuna is pole and line caught- no trolling! It’s meaty, not mushy. Fresh tasting with no “fishy” smell when you open the can. Oh, and it’s not pricey.

Back to the apps I made…..

So I had a can (or two) of the Wild Planet Skipjack tuna. There was some left over roasted red peppers from when we made pimento cheese spread. Works well together, but I need a “vessel”. I wanted something light and finger food style. I used premade mini phyllo shells, picked up some fresh herbs and added Golden Balsamic Vinegar for flare.

Minced the peppers and shallots, adding chopped tarragon. The Golden balsamic gets whisked together. Combine them well in a bowl. I did heat the shells before putting the tuna filling for a crisp texture and keeping it sturdy. An option is sprinkling a little Parmesan once filled and back into the oven for a quick heating that bonds it all together.

I was on a roll! Tuna lettuce cups next….

Basically tuna salad in mini lettuce bowls. Everyone has their own amazing tuna salad recipe, I kicked mine up with a hint of curry powder- what a boost it gave to my usual recipe!

I’ll be honest, I truly believe it’s the tuna I used. For this dish I used Wild Planet Foods Albacore tuna.

Simple recipes to break the monotony. Guests enjoy it and it didn’t take what seems like forever to make.

Happy app-ing!!!


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