More Than Just a Community Supporter

There is no doubt that time flies by so fast. You see it as you watch the children around you. Your own kids, nieces, nephews, and even the kids in your neighborhood seem to sprout up in the blink of an eye.

In the daily busy schedules we always hope there will be time to stop for just a little bit and enjoy the stages our children go through. And, yes, sometimes we need a hand in “stopping” time. Maybe an event or venue that fits into any schedule where we can take a breather and catch up with the kids.

If I told you that Chick Fil A helps you find that moment what would you say? How?

Here’s how……

My local Chick Fil A recently hosted a “Daddy Daughter Date Night Dinner”*

Can’t imagine it? How about a shimmery backdrop, live music and beautiful table settings.

There’s more to make the evening a special occasion. What’s a special dinner without a special menu.

Dinner begins with a sampler appetizer

Don’t forget the ice tea- lemonade bar to quench your thirst.

As dinner gets under way, take a peek at your placemats. Such a fun little quiz- it’s great to see their view and insight on different things.

The night doesn’t end with dessert of their infamous chocolate chip cookies or creamy Ice Dreams.

The Cow has come via limousine to take the Daddy Daughter groups on a lovely night ride.

As the night winds down, the girls are given bag of fun as a souvenir of their night to remember with their Dads.

Why does Chick Fil A do this? Because thy are more than just a Community Supporter, they support the FAMILY! An evening to spend with your princess(es) is the treasure they will have with them to tell their future children about.

*Check your local area Chick Fil A for events like this and many more during the months.


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