Making Math Fun

There are those that absolutely love math, and then there are some that are “ok” with it. Either way, there are times when math can get the best of us. When you say “math homework” to be answered with groans and eyeball rolls.. what do you do? How do you take the “chore ” feeling out of math for the kids?

I was recently introduced to Numbers Alive ( A delightful organization that puts the fun back into math. As you peruse the website you see many great ideas and materials that you can use to support what they learn in school. They even have things to help get a jump start on future math areas!

You get introduced to the Number Lady, The STEM Squad and Team Ten! What caught my eye was Pi!!

How cute is he? As they say on the website, it’s never too late to learn about Pi. And boy do they have fun ways to learn!

I pictured it inside-out, but it’s a little chef hat for Pi; the green item is a Pi tape measure!

Now that would come in handy in a math competition! The other side is an actual tape measure.

Is all of this popular with the kids?

Yes it is!!

I wanted to share his with our friends kids , so what better way than on National Pie day!

As you would’ve guessed, the plush Pi really caught their attention!

Overall, the important part of this was that it started the conversation and curiosity of Pi and Math.


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