Don’t Need Fake for a Better Cake

We all love “from scratch ” baked goodies, but there are those instances when time is just not on our side. You need a last minute cake or tray of cupcakes to bring to a social, a meeting or play date. There you are running to the store to pick up the trusty box of cake mix, never mind looking at the nutrition label the clock is ticking.

What if there was a box cake mix that was organic, contained no hydrogenated oils or artificial colors. Was allergy safe with no dairy or soy, plus no GMOs or trans fat! You would grab that one of course and probably say “score”, I know I would!

This hoping is a reality!!! Thanks to Miss Jones Baking Co.

Right off the bat, it’s organic and vegan, part of you starts thinking, is this going to taste like a cake or a box.

Since the neighbors were getting together since we haven’t seen each other for “awhile”…. let’s bake and see.

Love how the kitchen smells when there’s baking going on. Don’t forget the frosting. It is recommended to warm it up for a quick few seconds in the microwave, truthfully when I use frosting in a “can” I warm it up to make it more easier to use.

Here we go, the doorbell has rung and everyone is here.

As expected the kids have gravitated towards the mini cupcakes. We see smiles of approval!!!

I kept the box out so everyone can read up on it and that they won’t think I was pulling their leg that it’s organic!

Very much “kid approved”!! With a double thumbs up from the Moms- this is a winner!!Now, making a quick cake doesn’t mean compromising and settling. There’s now a product that meets our needs and standards as if we baked from scratch.

Not sure if your local stores carry Miss Jones Baking Co.? Just head on over to their website:

Want in on a fabulous community where you not only get to sample great products, but can connect with Moms just like you?!

Go to:

See you there!


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