Pinky’s up Type of Lunch

The new work week is here- Yay (?)

I try to create something on Sundays that can be an easy grab and go type of lunch. Like everyone else we’ve got the jars of peanut butter and preserves at the ready.

Occasionally there are cold cuts in the fridge, but when you have an 18 year old son and a 12 year old daughter that’s in sports; cold cuts don’t last very long. There’s always leftovers, but that can get boring….

As I was going through a magazine that came in the mail, they had a picture of chicken salad. Haven’t had that in a while, but I wanted something different. Time to Google, yes, I said Google.

Flashes from the past are the thing now, and I found one! The Neiman Marcus chicken salad! I’m not sure if Neiman Marcus still have cafes now, I’ve eaten at one a few times and it’s fun and fancy!!

Now, the actual recipe that they used is by Helen Corbett of Texas- that’s the one you look for!!

Since I’m doing this all last minute, I have no defrosted chicken at hand. BUT, I do have Wild Planet Foods’ organic chicken breast

Putting everything together,

Love the grapes, couldn’t find any pecans or walnuts so almonds will have to do. The whipping creme was different, but wow does it make a difference.

There it is! I can definitely say, it’s nothing like chicken salad made with Greek yogurt!

All that’s left is some crackers … it’s a Neiman Marcus lunch on the go.

So pinky’s up!! It’s time to bring a little fancy to your work lunch!!


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