Yes, Chocolate has a Personality

Chocolate had its own character and personality per say- and I don’t mean the Red and Yellow M&Ms!! It can be bold, mild fruity and fun, and even calming. When do you see all of this come together? When it is done right by a true chocolatier.

Now I’m not saying that your favorite bar or mini bag of goodies is a waste of time. But when you have the opportunity to find exactly what you crave in a piece (or two) of flavors you could only dream of wouldn’t you “go for it”?

Fortunately, the chocolate angels have been looking out for “chocoholics ” like me! And have brought Chocolates by Kelly to my area!

Now you may be thinking, “yeah, more truffles”. But it’s more than these little pieces of joy!

These lovely creations are done in house- can’t get fresher than that! Clean ingredients, their cocoa beans are roasted locally. YES, the chocolate creations are made from the bean itself!!!

Who’s making it? Miss Kelly of course! A fifth generation chocolatier!!

Here’s a small sample I purchased. The flavors range from coffee to raspberry mojito, oh and the blueberry lemonade! Surprisingly this little box made it home- and it just an empty box!

CBK has so much to offer: Italian sodas, gift ideas, membership club, classes…..

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Stop by and see for yourself! And yes, you can get just a piece or two.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!!


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