There’s a “New” Oil in Town

Ok, so it’s not super new, and it’s unfortunately gotten a bad rep in the past.

That was then….. this .. is …now- “re”- presenting Malaysia Palm Oil!!

We’ve mostly seen palm oil on commercial/ retail food products. At its height commercially, some took shortcuts which led to less than quality palm oil.

Not anymore! Malaysia is now the supplier and first country to produce sustainable palm oil that is recognized internationally.

A little information about Malaysia palm oil; it is non-GMO and it comes naturally from the fruit of a special species of palm trees. So it is harvest and produced similar to that of olive oil. No trans fat, but contains natural carotene and a potent form of vitamin E.

How about when you cook with it? You can cook popcorn with it! Get this, it’s smoking point is 455 degrees Fahrenheit!!

So, aprons on! My daughter and I might just have a cook off!

Because if it’s high heat capabilities, I’m going to test the palm oil making potato chips! I recently purchased purple potatoes, I’ll throw in a regular potato for contrast. And I have a fun seasoning on my shelf.

Sliced it up, and marinated it with my seasoning for a bit .

Have the oil in the pot just about ready

In go the potatoes

Finished product with an extra sprinkle of the seasoning. Came out crispy, and didn’t burn. I will admit that the regular potatoes came out prettier than the purple- but tasty nonetheless

With dinner time coming up on the clock, my daughter Angela decided on cooking a side dish for tonight’s chicken dinner. She choose potato pancakes, mainly because we haven’t had them in quite a while !!

She’s got the batter going-

Her very shallow abomination of Malaysia palm oil is ready in the pan. She gently places the batter carefully in the oil.

Careful when you flip them!

Each size gets better as she goes through the bowl.

Her end product:

Not bad for her first try. They may not be magazine camera ready but they tasted great. Crispy on the outside, with great rich middle. You almost don’t need the mini dollop of sour cream.

So, where did I learn about all of this?

Go to :

Here’s a closeup of what I used

Want to give it a try? Make sure the palm oil you purchase is made in Malaysia!

Happy cooking!!


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