Sweets you don’t have to feel guilty about

Ah.. the annual Memorial Day BBQ! Family, friends and fun; a potluck buffet for appetizers to desserts.

When at a bbq you want food that easy to eat. Even when it comes to dessert, how about a classic sweet treat made petite?

Chocolate brownie!! Bite sized for your convenience, baked in mini cupcake wrappers makes for easy clean up too.

You could always bake from scratch, but you’ve committed to bring other dishes as well. But you hesitate to grab the usual boxed mix at the store, you’ve stumbled on the long list of ingredients….

But wait…. there’s another box brand, and it’s organic! It’s Miss Jones Baking Co., no this I can do.

I’ve got two boxes, it’s a big party and I want everyone to have the opportunity to have seconds.

All I need is eggs, water and vegetable oil.

Stir it all up, and add the brownie mix

I’ve spooned the mix into the cups, couldn’t resist to give it a little color with M&Ms

They’re done!! Super easy!

Being Memorial Day, I needed more red, white, and blue

Off we go to the party!

And wouldn’t you know, it began to rain….

No worries, even indoors Miss Jones Baking Co brownies shared top ranking on the dessert table by the other organic favorite

Is it me or does that plate look a little empty in some spots?

Seems they are too hard to resist!

Check out their other irresistible products on:



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