Warmer Weather, Lighter Fare

The sun is finally here!! Time to put the down blankets and warm fuzzy sweaters away until next winter!

Along with the fuzzy sweaters go the warm soup and chili recipes of Fall and Winter. Time for some lighter fare!

Lighter, healthy, satisfying, and quick to make. I’m thinking something fresh and classic- salmon and pasta!!

You’ve heard me talk about this brand and use this brand’s other products. Wild Planet Foods!!

Yes, Wild Planet Foods has salmon!!! Oh my!

Let’s make Garlic Salmon Linguine!!

Let’s start with a couple of cans of the Wild Sockeye salmon ( I feed a family of 5, but with an 18yr. old it becomes 7), EVOO and garlic.

I’ve decided to use a wok just to be able to get everything in there, no spilling. Starting with about 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil, warming up the pan…. once warm I put in the tuna. As I mix it in the pan it’s a great way to stir it into small chunks . Once I have it in the small sizes I like, I toss in the garlic. Don’t leave it too long or the garlic will burn.

Time for fresh parsley because of the amount of salmon I used, I put a tablespoon

Next comes the chicken broth, one cup goes in, I did use low sodium since it’s easier to add a smidge of salt if needed.

I’m sure your looking for the linguine… it’s been cooking on the next burner over. I am going to give this salmon a squeeze from half a lemon for a boost of sunshine.

In goes the pasta!

This is the perfect time of the year to take advantage of all the great fresh produce around us. While at the store I saw asparagus, yum!

Quick clean and chop, into the wok it goes

So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t put any salt. I’m going to put a healthy sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, which is where I’m going to get my salty seasoning from.

Final few stirs and it’s ready for playing, family style of course.

My all in one, fantastic quality salmon, fresh asparagus and a little pasta for a “starch”.

More recipes to come using Wild Plant Foods salmon (www.wildplanetfoods.com) in wild sockeye and pink.


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