Learning the Fun Way

Classes have begun…. not those classes- the Maggiano’s Kids Cooking Classes!! YAY!!!

With most of the schools out and summer vacation beginning all parents want the kids to have fun but have quality activities.

Cooking covers a lot of school subjects without the kids even knowing!

Let’s see….. there’s reading. Won’t know what the recipe calls for without reading the recipe first.

Math is covered, especially when you have to make more that one batch of the recipe.

Finally, if there’s any baking to do, and you know you’ve heard this before… there is a science to baking!

Throw in “art” for the creativity each personal chef adds to a dish!

At the May class they began with preparing dessert first. Our favorite, the apple crostata!

Besides the science and “exactness ” of baking, creativity plays a part when it comes to adding or not adding caramel sauce or a whipped topping.

That’s just a quick sample of what they do.

Don’t worry parents, you start the class with coffee and fresh made Maggiano’s pastries!

The class doesn’t end until all have had lunch!

All the dishes prepared by the kid chefs are packaged up and ready to take home and share with the family.

Check your local Maggiano’s restaurant for time and days of their Kids Cooking Class


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