When You Put Two Classics Together

Summer is finally here!! The season that we look forward to.


It’s the season where we can take it slow. School is out so no need to set that alarm clock early. The days are longer giving more time to either get things done, or just chill by the pool or on the back porch.

I know at some point the kids will complain that they’re bored. That’s when you brush up on your board game library. And have I got a game for you!

Telestrations !! Brought to you by USAopoly. What’s so great about this game? It maybe cliche to say, the the fun is endless. Lots of laughing, great for different ages.

But what is it you ask…. the best way for me to describe it? It is two classic games in one. Remember back in the day when a typical party game was playing “telephone”? Where you started off with “Mary had a little lamb”, and end up with “Mary dances with a kitten and a lamb”. It’s part “telephone” and part Pictionary. But no expert art experience required. Which is good since I’m lucky I can draw a stick figure!!!

And there you have it- two games that on their own leave you in stitches. Can you imagine the riot of laughter when you put them together.

The game comes in two sizes, an 8 player and a 12 player. Good clean fun so it’s great for all ages. And you can play at anytime, with not a ton of small pieces so you can play almost anywhere.

I was fortunate enough to receive the 12 player Telestrations from USAopoly and Tryazon, to try it out.

Go figure! After giving it a trial run- it became part of a sleepover!

Ok… they were practicing before the other girls arrived!

How about a casual get together just chilling on the deck?

You know a game is a keeper when everyone can play together!! Though, I’m not sure what happened that the Dads got edged out. Oh well…..

Where can you find Telestrations? On the USAopoly website of course!


Want to be part of a great community where you get to give honest feedback and try out something new?

Join http://www.tryazon.com like I did.

**The Telestrations game was sent to me compliments of USAopoly and Tryazon for the purpose of trying, testing, and sharing their product. All reviews and opinions are solely mine and those who participated in the trial. All of which are pure and organic, never a “copy and paste” review or company generated.


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