When the saying, “Time flies” feels like an understatement……

We recently celebrated our son’s high school graduation!! What a mix of emotions! On one hand we’re so proud of all he’s accomplished and how he’s grown to such a great young man. Then you step back and think how did it go from him playing with his LEGO’s in the little red wagon to walking across the stage receiving his diploma!!!

As you guessed there was a party with family and friends gathered. Food, and fun!!

We like to do a lot of our own cooking and baking. With that being said, we also take pride in the ingredients we use. A favorite brand of mine to bake with is Miss Jones Baking Co., good clean ingredients with now hydrogenated oil or trans fat- and no artificial flavors!!

I wanted to provide a sweet treat that was easy to eat. Cookies are always a “handy” treat. So many flavor choices…Now I don’t know about you, but Confetti pop sounds like fun!

Lets get baking!

I’m sure you saw the lollipop sticks… let’s say the “pop” in confetti pop led to the inspiration of making cookie lollipops- why not??

Since I was already using my cookie scoop, I gave them and extra roll to give a firmer cookie ball and inserted the lollipop stick.

The cook time stays the same as listed on the directions.

Pulled them out of the oven, so far so good- they didn’t fall off the stick.

Festive, but not done yet!!

I was distracted by chocolate. I dipped just one side of the cookies. I have something different planned for the other side.

Need to commemorate the day!

Here’s the finished product

What fun it was to bake these! And super easy! You might say that I cheated by not doing it from scratch. But with Miss Jones Baking Co. and the care they put into their products, it’s as if I did!!

Thank you to Miss Jones Baking Co. for generously sharing their product with me and allowing me to share on my blog my honest feedback after trying it!


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