The Unsung Fish

What do you think of when you hear “mackerel”? Ok, ok, aside from the late 60’s “Batman and Robin” tv show, with Robin and his quips; you don’t think much of this fish.

In other countries they have special dishes featuring this little fish. What about here?

We know it’s there, but admittedly as a creature of habit- tuna has been a go to.

Recently Wild Planet Foods shared with me their canned wild mackerel. I was excited to receive the box of goodies. As I unpack the box, I find myself looking at the box of mackerel

For some reason the smaller the fish the more we hesitate. Keep in mind though that this little fish is packed with Omega 3 and protein.

I’d like to try something simple but will compliment the fish not “spoil” it.

Because Wild Planet Foods is the closest to being just like fresh from the market, I’m thinking maybe broiled?

Got it! Broiled Spanish Mackerel-

Now this is a super simple one, all you need are lemons, a little paprika, of course salt and pepper

So I lined up my fillets gave them a sprinkle of paprika and then the lemons

I didn’t add any olive oil, the mackerel was canned in extra virgin olive oil.

Best part if this is that it only takes a few minutes in the broiler and it’s done!

It was light, but meaty at the same time. There was no “fishy” smell or taste. Just a clean fish taste.

This could make a great appetizer, tapas!!!


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