Dipping into new cuisine

My family and I love trying new foods, were pretty adventurous when it comes to food. But when comes to cooking a new cuisine we take small steps.

We love Greek food! I was totally in the mood to try to make a dish, that wasn’t a Greek salad! Time to go to the next step. I was looking for something light and could include the beautiful tomatoes that are here this season.

A friend of mine mentioned that she had seen a recipe from Jamie Oliver that featured mackerel called, mackerel plaki.

It seems it’s a simple recipe that includes carrots, tomatoes, onions, a few spices, and of course mackerel, not to mention there’s white wine involved!!

Courtesy of Wild Planet Foods, I’ve got some great mackerel to use.

So I’m all set. I use my peeler to create thins carrot slices, thin onion slices. Rough chopping the tomatoes so you can enjoy the flavor

Next is layering all the flavors. Fish fillets first, on goes the carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic (I ran through a press) and some bay leaves. Don’t forget to season with the usual salt and pepper. Give it a drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil. Lastly is the parsley, it original recipe calls for chopped fresh parsley, since I did not have that at hand I opted for a light sprinkle of dried parsley. For the finale to wrap it all up together is a squeeze of a fresh lemon, drizzle of white wine and a smidge of water.

I’ve got the oven ready at 350 degrees. Into the oven it goes. It doesn’t take long because the mackerel has been prepared perfectly by Wild Planet.

Thank you Wild Plant Foods for your generosity and support!!

Stay tuned for more fun foods!


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