By the Light of the Silvery Moon

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There’s something about the the light and aura that comes from the moon that moves us all. From all those old werewolf scary movies to the sheer beauty and romance of its glow.

What if you could capture that magical glow anytime you wanted?

In cooperation with Tomoson LLC, they introduced to me the Moon Lamp. I’m intrigued….

I was so curious about it when the box arrived

Time to take a look inside.


So there’s the stand and it’s charger.

The stand is really easy to assemble.

I like that I can charge it through my laptop. Easy to understand the instructions. Can’t wait to try it out, does something different per tap.

So I turn it on- what a glow!! I like Gru I’m Despicable Me- hahaha!!

So with the first tap, it’s like a white glow.

The second tap gives off a almost yellowish glow. The color always reminds me of when the moon looks super big in the sky like a enormous sugar cookie!! At the third tap it begins it color changing sequence. It’s so beautiful!!!

I’ve played with so much, I should probably recharge it.

It’s so captivating that my daughter is trying to finagle it going in her room. I think I better keep this on my nightstand before it mysteriously disappears!!

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