Citrus Makes the Yellowtail Sing

Summer is busy with outdoor activities and road trips. Which means there is not always a lot of time to go elaborate on making dinner.

You want a dish that light, easy to make and of course, delicious!

Everyone enjoyed the yellowtail tuna from Wild Planet Foods- which is what I happen to have on hand. Through pure experience the quality of the fish that Wild Planet Foods offers is as good as my buying fresh without the hassle of prep.

So, I grab my yellowtail tuna and see what else I’ve got. I’ve got some limes and lemons. I’m going citrus!

A trip through Google with the ingredients I have sends me to a recipe for citrus and ginger- the twist is, heavy cream!

I blanch my julienne citrus zests of my limes and lemons

I will also need a couple of tablespoons each of olive oil, green onions, diced tomatoes, and julienned ginger. Yes- that is red wine that you see, we need 3 ounces of the wine. About 4-6 ounces of the heavy cream, along with 1-2 ounces of lime juice for the citrus splash.

Let’s begin putting it all together. I’ve got the oven preheating at 400degrees. As it’s preheating I dice and julienne

Time to combine the wine, the heavy cream slowly. In the original recipe the fish is fresh filleted, excess oil removed; my diced and julienned vegetables go into the same pan. The liquid mixture follows into the pan and reduced followed by butter as the splash of lime.

Since I’ve started with the prepared tuna, I will combine everything and bake it.

So my fillets go into the baking pan, I sprinkle the citrus and vegetables. The cream sauce goes on, along with the butter and always of lime.

Colorful and flavorful, it took about 10-15 minutes for the liquid mixture to marry with the fish.

A little French bread toast on the side to compliment.

Thank you for Wild Planet Foods generosity in sharing their yellowtail tuna in making this dinner possible!


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