Chocolate- a class in its own

Can’t believe “back to school” is already under way! If you’re like me….. I’m not ready!!!

I do know of a class that I’m geared up to take- a chocolate making class!!! Yes, I know chocolate is in a class all it’s own. But, here’s an opportunity to make it yourself!

Where you say? I am fortunate enough to have a “Chocolates by Kelly” in my neighborhood. Kelly, herself, teaches this fun experience!

So what are we making?? Truffles of course!

When you arrive for your class, everything is ready.

Should you get parched…. I know, chocolate is a huge distraction- but if you haven’t heard it enough, hydrate!!

So why truffles?? There is a simplicity and a complexity to them. You don’t need a truckload of ingredients to make them and super fun to make.

Want to take it to the next level? Give it some complexity? Maybe add some flavor and “personality “…. Kelly can show you how

Now to help prep you for this class, Kelly is ready. Especially if you’re like me and need to carry a lobster bib in my back pocket! Yup, I’m the one that wears the white shirt guaranteed to have something on it by the end of the day- hahahaha!!!

Now chocolate classes aren’t just all about fun, you learn more than just yummy chocolate making.

Kelly offers classes that are STEM inspired. Which is great for the kiddos. Why? Because like baking, chocolate (and candy) making is a science. Where temperatures and amounts can throw off an entire recipe.

With Kelly leading the way it’s easier to learn when you’re having fun, and with it being hands on makes it even better.

With August upon us, there is still some room at Chocolates by Kelly so book now for some fun, learning and memories!! Just go to for more details and to schedule your class


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