Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

Fests are great fun and a great way to make new discoveries!! And the Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest is no exception.!!

It is year two for the Fest in the Richmond area. By the crowds and those I spoke to- they were very happy to have them back!!

The fun begins right outside the exhibit hall doors! Time for some “photo booth” creativity!

You walk in and let the discovery and learning begin

Enjoy Life has a unique set-up in, not only sharing samples, but learning ire about them and their products

I love discovering new flavors and food products, and yes- the Fest was the best venue to. We, like many families love almonds and the almond flavor. But there are times that the almond is an almond and it needs a “refresher”. That’s where a new discovery, called deliciousness (don’t you live the name?) come in. Their flavored almonds really wake up the everyday almond. Flavors such as nacho, and the Lakeshore trail mix that blends the cheddar and caramel flavors.

Oh! They have chips too!!! They maybe based out of Chicago- but they have a website!!!! ( There you can find Mozaics, a flavor chip that can tackle the snack craving without being bogged down with preservatives.

What did I learn besides yummy food?? There’s were cooking demos and lectures to choose from. What made it hard to decide on which to attend was the topic. They were all about practical living when you live with gluten free needs and/or food allergies.

Take for example today’s first demo- baking bread. Do you love baking like me? Though, I’ve never baked bread before, and I’ve always been hesitant- now we’re going to throw in making it gluten free, YIKES!!

Well, Jules Shepard takes out all the fear and even shows how to bake gluten free bread in both the oven and bread maker machine.

She also directed her to her website should we have additional questions after the Fest.

Other demos included easy vegan recipes, increasing the protein for lunch boxes – just in time for back to school, and using the fresh herbs around us.

Lectures? Yup, but again practical use.. how about dealing with allergies when your traveling. And yes, it can be daunting and even frustrating, that was one of today’s topics- don’t you love topics that help answer many questions and hurdles we can encounter everyday.

When it’s time for you to take your lunch break in all of the activities, it’s good to see that the Greater Richmond Convention Center was ready.

And, yes…. that is a steak and cheese sandwich on gluten free bread!!

There’s so much more! But that’ll have to wait for tomorrow “day two”.

There are two more Fest locations, (Indianapolis,IN and Portland,OR) if the Richmond one is not near you.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with the Fest wrap-up


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