It’s a dessert and a drink

Love simple recipes, and who doesn’t?! You know the kind just a few ingredients and voila! Yumminess innovations time flat, even desserts!

Take for example the affogato… yes, it is super simple but a whole lot of yummy!

It’s comprised of espresso, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Of course, it’s always much more fun in your favorite mug!

So, you begin with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream in your mug.

Put on a good drizzle of your caramel sauce. If I may, my caramel sauce is from Chocolates by Kelly, located in Richmond VA. Has great texture and taste! The label comes with great recipe ideas too!!

Get your espresso ready and into the mug it goes on top of your caramel and ice cream. As the hot espresso hits the other ingredients, it marries all the flavors together. Forming a wonderful dessert !

You can find the caramel sauce and other yummy finds at :


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