Love “Brain” Games!

Board games are always a lot of fun to do when spending time with family or friends! So we try to keep a good collection on hand. Games for all ages.

Lately I have been introduced to a company called Usaopoly. They have a great array of games and themes. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try one of their games entitled “Blank Slate”.

And yes, that’s what it came with, blank slates. As I read the instructions, one game came to my mind… the TV game show “Match Game”!!

Not to give too much away, you play the game by forming words from a given base word. The competition begins when you start scoring for matches.

We let the kids have first crack at it- they loved it!!

As a parent I love the fact that it made them think of the words and vocabulary they know. Also, by seeing the other words they learn new ones!!

As the adults patiently wait their turn….

I highly recommend checking out Usaopoly ( They have games for everyone, even themed games. I’ve been eyeing a Harry Potter themed game that may be a birthday or Christmas gift!!