“Fall” into Cleaner Air

Yes, Fall is officially here! And….. so are the allergens and allergy triggers. Even with the crisp cooler air ragweed, mold, and other weeds are there too. Need relief?

I do (hand raised)!! How do I deal with it? I am fortunate enough to own a WINIX air purifier…. Why WINIX? Because of the difference you feel. I’m not basing it off of their website or reviews on other websites. I suffer from many allergies, and when I can breathe easy in my home and have a good nights sleep without sneezing or congestion, I know it’s working.

Do I have suggestions? The WINIX C535 or the WINIX HR951 are fabulous.

(This is the WINIX C535.)

Why do I prefer Winix? Their features are top notch! Starting with the HEPA filters, which by the way, the filters are easy to clean and install. Plasmawave technology may sound “ooh-ahhh”, and it is!!

I must be honest, my favorite feature is its

WiFi capability. Have app? Have clean air!!

I absolutely love that I can open my Winix app and see the air quality of the rooms I spend a majority of time in. From the app I can also control my air purifier.

Don’t think they are just for allergies. Unfortunately, the smoke from the tragic California wildfires have hit the Colorado area, even as far as the South East area of Virginia! I must also mention that C535 has a 5 stage filtration that can tackle pet hair!

One thing is for sure, there is a Winix air purifier that is right for you. You can find the right one for the right space/area coverage and ones that suit all your needs.

Where can you find them?

Of course you can go to their website:


What if you like to see them before you buy them? Costco and Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry a model or two.


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