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It goes without saying, we women live busy lives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disqualifying the worth of the male population. All I’m saying is that women, may you be single, married (with or without children), single mom, or caregiver and every thing in between and or combined- everyday is hectic!

Sometimes it’s to the point that you need “me time” but have to put it on the back burner. Even the simple task of shaving your legs is done on the fly.

If you’ve ever used a guys shaver, you’ve probably gone through the adjustments of the weight and it’s rigid shape.

Shaver for women? They don’t always hold up the way you’d like them to. I believe I have found one that can live up to our expectations.

First things I noticed, it’s lighter! It’s not electric, it’s battery operated. So no cord means more portability!

We have curves! Yes, on our legs too!! The contoured shape makes it easier to handle over our curves and give us the shave we are looking for. Remember we’re shaving our legs not burly beards!!!

When all is said and done- it comes with its own cleaning brush!!

Love Amazon- and the great finds they have!!

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