More outdoor Fall fun

The crisp Fall air is a great change from the sweltering heat of summer. And there’s so much to do!! Hayrides, corn mazes, and don’t forget Trick or Treating!!

But what if you just need to slow it down and kick back. But not too far back- gotta have some fun too!!

Then take your table games outdoors!! Have you tried Top Trumps?

With various themes and it’s own case, you can find a set that fits you and you can take anywhere! It’s a game of who’s “stats” are higher. Winner takes all, because if you have everyone’s cards – you win!!!

How about a portable word game that quick and fun! And guess what? It’s not a condensed scrabble set. It’s Lexicon Go!

This a word forming game, the twist is you can build on your opponents’ word. For example the word is “butter” and “fly” for “butterfly” and you’ve scored more points, blocking off the other players.

Both games are a bunch of fun! Bonus is that kids can play too. With Top Trumps kids can learn their number values. And with Lexicon Go it can help with their spelling and vocabulary.

Go to: ; to get your games!!

P.S. I received mine through a great program at!!!!


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