Spa When You Want To

Ahhh….spa…. yes, sometimes it seems like a pipe dream!! Why? Because there are days that you feel you hit the ground running the moment you open your eyes.

Is there anything out there that can give a little of that fresh from the spa feeling in a short amount of time?

Well yes, yes there is. It so happens I received a gift set. The box contains a great array of products from the Rituals USA brand.

Love the “oh ah” moment when you see the box. I choose the Ritual of Ayurveda. It’s a nice balance of sweet almond oil and Indian rose. I’m very sensitive to scents because of my allergies, this one isn’t overwhelming.

Time to try it…. it’s creamy and “solid”, once you gently rub it on your skin you feel the softness. The scent lightly in the air.

The shower gel and foaming shower have found a home in my shower.

My set also included an oil that can be used on your body and hair as well. This is like the “sprinkles on a sundae “! Using all of the products can give you a sense of relaxation. The cherry on the sundae is the matching candle.

You don’t have to get the Rituals of Ayurveda, there are many more to suit your mood or need.

The sets make a great gift. When you unwrap to see a beautiful box and smell what’s inside- the recipient will feel loved!! Take a look over at :

I was very lucky with my set, and would like to give Rituals USA and Tryazon for the complimentary set. Really glad that a Holiday catalogue was also included, the “list” is being checked off!!

Want to have fun trying new products? Check out Tryazon at


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