You Ought to be in Pictures

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I absolutely LOVE being a blogger!! I love sharing my experiences and my new finds. With that, my camera is always in use!! Ok, the camera on my phone!

While the camera function is pretty good, I try to maximize whatever lighting and set up of the products I receive. Until now….

I recently purchased a mini studio. It’s a portable photo studio by LiteBox. It’s the 24″x 24″ studio kit

All the parts fit into its carry case for easy mobility and storage.

No need for special tools!

It comes with two LED light bars.

The studio is almost complete once you put its “tent” on, making it look like a cube.

The flaps you see is the top of the cube, where the light connection goes through

The outlet also has the brightness control

Now that everything is set up and connected, you can use the other opening to take your photos.

The zippered flap gives a wider opening for photographing items. Like a true photo studio, it comes with four different background colors; along with a diffuser screen that comes with hooks to attach on to the bars.

There is also a small tripod and phone “holder” if needed.

How good do the photos come out? Here’s a before and after…


It makes me feel like I’m taking my blog to the next level!

Where did I get mine? Right here:


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