Have Gel Pens will Craft

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Crafting can be fun for some or a trial for others. But when you find a tool or product that’s easy and fun to use- why not?

Sometimes even the simplest item can make a big difference.

I just recently found….. Gel pens! Ok….. yes I know, it’s a pen.

This is what I got

All of them have glitter in their color. Which for the Holidays is perfect!

I’m preparing for my Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange, and I wanted to do something a little different for the invites. So, a quick trip to my local Dollar Tree and I stumbled upon mini painting canvases.

Have stampers will create. Unfortunately, the stamp pad didn’t seem to have enough ink. Thank goodness I filled in the color with my new pens.

They’re all done and festive!

Going to have a lot of fun using these pens in many projects!

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