Shedding Some Light

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The Holiday Season brings so many special and fun moments that you want to capture in photos. But there are more times than not you get those photos that are either too dark or you use a flash and they’re crazy bright!!

Then you see those great photos that look like they were just torn from a magazine. How do they do it? It’s the lighting!

Now, I can’t afford my own camera crew, so I look for an alternative.

Lo and behold! I found a small light that can help!!

It’s handy size and lightweight.

Easy to use and attach, yes it is LED.

Just when I thought that I’d be investing in a ton of batteries, my rechargeable battery from my camcorder fits just fine!!!

I can finally take photos worth sharing and displaying! Here is the link to where I found it:

Ok, so my son has started to really get into photography. And as I was looking for my light, I found a great light for him too!

This one is a little bigger, with a couple of differences.

This light also can use the rechargeable one from our camcorder- AND can take regular batteries!!

It is bigger than the previous light

It mounts just as easy as the smaller version.

This has a different functions where you can have a wider range of brightness and warm to bright white light.

I found this light at :

I can’t wait to start taking photos this season!

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