Shiny Smile in a Jiffy

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So let’s talk about kids, braces and flossing (not the dance). Yes, it’s that phase when the kiddos need braces. And in their defense it’s not always an easy up keep for them to get used to. Aside from the wax to prevent cuts inside your mouth, and those teeny rubber bands that come in an array of colors, they have to learn how to floss around them!!!

You can use those little plastic flossers that look like Christmas trees. But that can be trying on the gums. I’ve heard that you can also use a water pick…… but if you not at home!!!

Here’s what I found….. a non-electric water flosser!!!

Super easy to use. Literally, fill the base to the line with water and pressing the trap button and away it goes!

So easy for the kids to use and perfect on the go. Helps the kiddos maintain keeping their braces clean!

Love things that help life go a little smoother!!

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