Junior Sous Chef? Maybe

 You’ve heard me talk about how kids now a days are foodies. Way more than we were kids… back in the day. It’s not a bad thing, in fact it’s amazing to see their take on all the different foods around us.

What makes it even more amazing is that these young foodies not only want to taste all the flavors, they want to create it!

So grab your toque, and tie that apron. Maggiano’s Kids Cooking Class are in full swing.

Now, I may have some biased, my kids have been attending these classes for some time, dare I say- years!

Do the classes repeat menus? Sometimes, but that’s ok. Repetition helps them remember what to do.

So how long have we been going? For kicks, my daughter acted as sous chef for Executive Chef Mike at the last class!

They had her wear a chef’s coat and class began! Side note- she has attended enough classes to qualify for her own her coat, it’s on order. How? They offer each attends a lunch card. Once the card is completed the “student” earns his/her own chef jacket compliments of Maggiano’s!!

Starting with fundamentals and at each course Chef Mike goes to each table to help guide and answer questions.

Maggiano’s makes sure that all their guests are comfortable and happy. So as the kids are learning and creating, parents- breakfast and warm coffee awaits!

What happens to all of their creations? The student get to take it all home. No, it doesn’t become their lunch. Maggiano’s has something else for them!

A nice buffet of their famous dishes, spaghetti and meatballs, along with their Mac n’ cheese. Complete with salad and bread

Do I recommend these classes? Yes! There fun, yummy and a great way for kids to learn a life skill!!

Check with your local Maggiano’s, mine has a class once a month. Where to find them?

You can call your local Maggiano’s, or check the Eventbrite website, where you can also purchase tickets for the event.


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