A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Tidying up has never been this trendy when I was growing up. Back then the joy came from being done with the task!!

But now that we are older, we feel more than joy, it’s a sense of completion. It’s almost like wiping a clean slate and starting fresh. To get to the end, we have to start.

We look at our humble “abodes” and try to decide what area to tackle first. Along with how to organize or , maybe even, purge.

Just this past April 23rd I had the pleasure of having Amanda Scudder and her co-organizer Melissa from Abundance Organizing as my guest speaker at my “Dish the CFA Tea with Geri B” event!!

What great insights they shared! With the benefit of not being in a large convention setting like her past appearances, we were really able to get out our questions.

It’s in this type of casual setting that can process the process of true organization. What do I mean? Organizing is more than just de junking. I fall guilty to clothes that I “might” fit back into, or seem too sentimental to let go. Amanda and Melissa’s take? If you do fit back into that piece of clothing, will it still be part of the 80/20 section of your clothing repertoire. Would you actually wear it? And, if it is sentimental it shouldn’t be hanging with what you wear- makes sense.

For the record- I probably should look at my closet with the 80/20 in mind, something many of us do.

“We wear 80% of the time the same 20% of clothes” Yup! Guilty!!

What about the junk drawer? It’s time to gather up your items, segregate like items and designate, because do we really need 3 staplers?

What about containers? Love them- but find clear ones so you can see what’s in them. An item she uses that’s so versatile are chalkboard style labels. Easy to clean and rename your container.

There’s so much more!! And let’s be honest, sometimes we need someone outside our immediate “bubble” to help us work through the designating part.

If you are in the Virginia area you can contact their office; http://www.abundanceorganizing.com

If not? To find your local professional organizer go to; http://www.napo.com

“Dish the CFA Tea with Geri B” wouldn’t be the same without its book of the month contributed by Harlequin Books

Not to mention our featured corner of new products, and of course….. great raffle gift baskets from me and prizes from Chick Fil A!

Stay tuned ! For May we are having High Tea!! So out on your fascinator hat and pinkies up for petit fours and tea.


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