Families “Make- A- Wish” Come True

Every child has a special wish. From having a pony as a pet to what they want to be when they grow up. And we as parents or guardians spend many years helping them make the latter wish come true. Numerous after school and summer camps, don’t forget the clubs that focus on the future astronaut or chef. Many years of experiences and trials to endure.

But what if you didn’t have all of those years? As heartbreaking as it is to think about, there are those precious children that don’t have the luxury of time due to an unfortunate illness.

That’s where organizations like Make-A-Wish come in. Not just nationwide but world wise. An organization that combines donors, supporters and volunteers together to make a critically ill child’s wish come true.

What is your part in it? Of course you can go straight to their website (www.wish.org) and sign up to volunteer or make a donation.

Or you can participate in a sponsored event at different establishments in your local area.

Recently, Maggiano’s had two special events where a portion of the proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!!

Their first event was for the kiddos! A Kids Cooking Class featuring their famous lasagna!!

The little chefs were lead by none other than Chef Patrick!

Step by step they were guided into making their lasagna and learning a little more about the Maggiano’s lasagna.

Of course, like in any family, you can’t go home without having a bite to eat….. appetizer buffet is all set!

The second event was for the adults…. a Paint and Sip Class! Since it was on Cinco de Mayo, sangria cocktails and a summer cactus to create led by Hope.

Stations at every table Its time to begin.

This is Maggiano’s so noshing is allowed. In the form of an appetizer and dessert buffet!

Finally the finished product….

Fun filled events, but more heart filling knowing that you have been able to contribute to making a child’s dream come true…

And when those wishes come true, their happiness can light up the world!!


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