Community Togetherness

It’s such a great feeling when members of the community come together and share a piece of themselves with the rest of the community.

Which is exactly what happened one afternoon when our local Capital One Café offered a small Kids Cooking Class presented by Maggiano’s.

What a set-up! Intimate and fun!

Here are our hosts and instructor for the afternoon; Mgr. Gerald and Chef Hughey

What are the little chefs making? Maggiano’s classic lasagna of course!

Each mini chef’s station is complete with all they need. Up to the Chef’s table they go to watch as Chef Hughey sautés the meat sauce and shows step by step assembly.

Layer by layer the masterpieces are completed.

All contained in a take home packaging, final instructions on at home Cooking is given. But that’s not all, don’t go yet…..

Because when Maggiano’s is your host, you can’t leave in an empty stomach. They brought some “snacks” to share. Their well known baked ziti and penne chicken Alfredo! Complete of course with a few sweets!!

Fun filled summer afternoon!

Big shout out to Capital One Cafe for the class! Who knew? Now we know, and it’s not just cooking classes!

Contact your local Capital One Cafés, because ours are offering free classes like this one on various topics for everyone in the community to par take in!


It May Still be Summer…

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It’s sweltering hot out, summer is still in swing. And I am going to share with you…..

Yes- a Fall/Winter jacket!!

Maybe it’s all the “Back to School” ads we’re seeing in stores, on tv and in the newspapers.

As I was searching on Amazon I stumbled on this jacket. What first attracted me was the design- right up the alley of the men in my family. Next was how it seemed light, but yet the materials were still effective to stay warm.

And the jacket arrives!!

Great fit, not too thick. What a bonus, there’s a ton of pockets!!

Yup, we found an all weather wear “keeper”!!!

Here’s a link to where I found it:

If it’s this easy to get ready for the Seasons that are right around the corner…. I can make pool day productive!!!

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