It May Still be Summer…

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It’s sweltering hot out, summer is still in swing. And I am going to share with you…..

Yes- a Fall/Winter jacket!!

Maybe it’s all the “Back to School” ads we’re seeing in stores, on tv and in the newspapers.

As I was searching on Amazon I stumbled on this jacket. What first attracted me was the design- right up the alley of the men in my family. Next was how it seemed light, but yet the materials were still effective to stay warm.

And the jacket arrives!!

Great fit, not too thick. What a bonus, there’s a ton of pockets!!

Yup, we found an all weather wear “keeper”!!!

Here’s a link to where I found it:

If it’s this easy to get ready for the Seasons that are right around the corner…. I can make pool day productive!!!

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