The “Fun” in Fundamental

So many snacks wherever you turn, and all their bright colored wrappings parading on television. As a parent we know of a better snack for our kiddos. One that also has colorful wrappings, but the kids find boring. Yes, you guessed it- fruit!!

So how do you spark interest? Along comes HuePets!! And wow are they cute!!

Through the courtesy of Tryazon, I was accepted to hold a “HuePets Party”. Isn’t that little guy super cute? And best of all, he’s interactive! With the kiddos of today so tech connected HuePets has an interactive app. I love the scavenger hunt that helps kids get familiar with fruit.

Lo and behold they are learning and not even realizing it! Sneaky? Maybe, but when they learn and reach for Nature’s best snacks around it’s worth it!

As you can see form these happy faces, the kids can’t wait to get all set up!

Simplicity and rewarding, HuePets sure make a difference!


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