Baby it’s STILL cold outside!

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Been one of those winter seasons again. My area may not have snow…..yet. But we do have the low chilly temperatures.

We bundle up and we later to stay warm. But does that mean we can’t be fashionably fun? Of course not!!

Which brings me to this cute long, faux fur coat that I found at

Yes, purple!! Not to fret, they do have other colors. From the universal beige to a fun orange or teal!!

I have to say, it is super soft!! Comfy and warm, too. It does have side pockets that are deep enough for your phone and keeping your hands warm. The inside is a quilted lining, while the hood is lined with the same material as the outer coat shell- great at keeping your ears warm.

How comfy is it? Comfy enough for my daughter to say she likes the way it fits her!!!

Oops! This one is mine!!! Will she get her own? We’ll see….

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Second One?

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Yup, had to get another message board!


I fell in love with the lighter background and the fancier stand. Okay, so maybe that isn’t the best of reasons to purchase another message board.

I wanted to add a little more creative touch to places that I wouldn’t have ordinarily.

We all love reading those cute inspirational messages. So why not share them in different rooms of the house, like the kitchen or family room.

Maybe post a chore request or reminder… so versatile that you can use it for many purposes.

Thinking it could make a great gift? I going this one at:

Let your imagination and creative juices flow……

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Have Something to Say

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Teens and preteens love all the memes! What would you say to “posting” it in their room for fun and laughs.

How? With a personal size message board of course!

I found this one at

It came with a great amount of letters and pre-made words to use. The work area is a felt background, and yes it also can with its own stand.

Super easy to place the letters into the board. No pins, tacks or tape needed.

Message boards like these can also be used in the office to put inspirational sayings, or just even a meme for the day.

Thanks to Tomoson promotions for the chance to try out this fun product!

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Snacking Through the Holidays

During the Holiday season we tend to snack a little more than usual. It goes with the season, but it shouldn’t be the reason for resolutions.

Why? Because you can switch what you snack on. Yes, there are products out there that have the crunch you look for with amazing taste and quality.

“What products would that be?”, you ask. Well, I recently was fortunate to have been chosen the have a Tryazon party sponsored by Laiki Rice Crackers, along with Roots Hummus!!

Can you serve them at a gathering or party? YES!! Or, like myself, I work a retail job and sometimes in the hustle and bustle you just need a little bite to make it through.

With that in mind, I brought my Tryazon party to work!!

Laiki rice crackers blew my coworkers away!! So much so that a couple of them may have do sappy mysteriously….

Not to be out done, once they dipped into the hummus by Roots….. now we know why they are the Microbrew of Hummus! Taste and texture like no other.

I’m so lucky and appreciative to have had the opportunity to try these great products through the Tryazon party. And, if you like to try new products you should join too at

Would like to know more about the products I featured?