Baby it’s STILL cold outside!

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Been one of those winter seasons again. My area may not have snow…..yet. But we do have the low chilly temperatures.

We bundle up and we later to stay warm. But does that mean we can’t be fashionably fun? Of course not!!

Which brings me to this cute long, faux fur coat that I found at

Yes, purple!! Not to fret, they do have other colors. From the universal beige to a fun orange or teal!!

I have to say, it is super soft!! Comfy and warm, too. It does have side pockets that are deep enough for your phone and keeping your hands warm. The inside is a quilted lining, while the hood is lined with the same material as the outer coat shell- great at keeping your ears warm.

How comfy is it? Comfy enough for my daughter to say she likes the way it fits her!!!

Oops! This one is mine!!! Will she get her own? We’ll see….

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