Because Scrapes, Booboos, and Emergencies Happen

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Each of the four seasons call for different “tools”, clothes and activities. There is one common accessory we should not forget. That’s a first aid kit!

Yes, I carry one of those super mini ones we get at the Health fairs, even the uber basic ones for my kid’s backpack.

I want to share with you the one I recently bought at:

Now when you look at it, it might not seem like much. Or maybe it looks like all the others.

It is waterproof- big plus because that means it’ll be ok in the rain, snow and pool/beach splashes.

So let’s open this pack up!

Very well packed!! Time to dig a little deeper….

So, I love the mini scissors and the safety pins. Would have never expected the tourniquet!! Wouldn’t have even thought about it if I was going to create my own kit. Let alone have it this compact and handy. The clip is a bonus!!

Glad I bought this, and I’m probably going to grab another one too…. just in case.

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