Stay Inside, Still Enjoy Freshness

Prior to all the school closures, social distancing, and self quarantines Spring was approaching with all its pollen glory.

Okay, if you have allergies it’s more like this….

An image we see often when the Season hits.

These days, we have more reasons to stay inside than just battling allergens. Staying in our cozy homes is a serious safety step for our health and the health of our communities.

As much as we love our families, after some time aromas tend to gather in the air. Sprays don’t clean the air, but I know something that does!

The WINIX 5500 Air purifier/cleaned. I know you’ve seen me write about the WINIX purifiers before, and I swear by them. They have helped me breathe easier in the height of Springtime pollen.

At this point you’re wondering why this one? What makes this unit so special?

For one, it’s easy to assemble.

Now, let me back track a minute. There’s one “layer” that really impressed me. The “Washable Advanced Odor Control Carbon Filter”!

Washable Advanced Odor Carbon (AOC) Filter

It may look like any other filter, but take a closer look!

It reminds me of a beehive buzzing with busy worker bees making sweet beautiful honey. Or in this case beautiful clean air! And it’s washable too!!!

Once you pair it with the true HEPA filter it’s a powerhouse of clean!

Is it hard to operate? Not at all!! Looks high tech and is “user friendly “.

The light tells you when it senses air iniquities

When the light is a blue glow you are good to go!! And there’s a remote too!!!

What I’d really like to share with all of you is a discount code !!

Just go to and use the code “madefresh” for 20%off your purchase!!

Here’s to good health and clean air! Stay safe!!


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