#Stay At Home, Not Stay In Front of the Stove

In these different times we are adjusting to the new norms and hunkering down as best as we can. But, that shouldn’t mean hunkering in front of the stove for hours!!

Being with the family 24/7 means for more quality time. Time you don’t want being spent in front of the stove cooking a homemade meal!

Solution? Try Cucina Antica’s pasta sauces. Rustic, fresh tasting and versatile! You see the ingredients when you open the jar, from chunks of tomatoes to the herbs. Bonus! No added sugar!

Now what to put it on??? How about some pasta! And have I got pasta for you! Fresh pasta, too!!

Taste Republic offers gluten free fresh pasta. So fresh you would think it just rolled out of the “pasta press”. Yes, I did say gluten free! And if you didn’t know, I don’t think you could tell.

Here’s the winning combo

Good sauces I know you’re used to seeing, but I wanted to show you the pasta

Told you, just like you finished rolling it through the pasta maker! Like try fresh pasta it’s a quick dip in the boiling water and you’re done.

Fresh, warm pasta tossed with a yummy is a good to go meal. If you want to go a little fancier add a piece of breaded chicken breast for a hearty chicken parmesan dinner!

To see if these wonderful products are available in your area, go to:




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