An Event Close to My Heart

Annual events always give us something to look forward to. We mark the days on the calendar in anticipation of that special day.

Once in a while there’s an event that’s not for everyone and it’s not the common birthday or anniversary event. What I mean is, it’s event that’s “catered” to who you are.

How does an event made for moms, created by moms? Yes, it does exist! And you can find it at MomsMeet (

You remember MomsMeet? I talked about them before. I’ve been a member since 2016, and boy has it been a blast! I have to admit, when I first joined I was enticed by being able to sample and share new products that were good for me, my family and the Earth. But as the years went by I learned so much more about them and their mission. If you haven’t joined yet- you need to!! P. S. It’s totally free to join!!!

Ok, we were talking about events….. Now MomsMeet hosts and annual event called WowSummit. It’s a three day event that feels like it was created just for you- a mom!

My first WowSummit was in 2016, and I may have only missed one since joining. What keeps me attending every year? It’s a combination of things. As a blogger, they offer a variety of workshops that help beginner to established bloggers. Workshops that touch on how to begin or how to take your blog to the next level.

Very first WowSummit, 2016 at the Gaylord (National)

But wait….. there’s more! They put you in touch with various companies that share your view on better snacks, organic products that won’t harm the Earth, even homeopathic remedies that fit your family’s needs. When I say they “put you in touch”, I mean they have representatives from these companies there to talk with and ask questions. Many of them are also there to partner up with bloggers they feel are a perfect match for them. What a bonus!

If I may, one of THE best things about WowSummit is a meeting so many other moms that you never realized you had so much in common with! I have to admit, when I first started attending I was a little cautious because my kids are older than most. But, you know, there was always something to connect with. They’re your “Mom Gal Pals”! You meet Monday that become friends, it’s like a family reunion at every WowSummit.

I was even able to share the experience with my daughter. Yes, they’re ok with you bringing your kids. Why? Because they’re moms too and they understand when you can’t leave your little one. At the time my daughter was considering becoming a blogger so I got her her own ticket so it was as much her event as it was mine.

Last year and this year, well…. it hits a little different. And, as par for the course, meeting and in person events have become a fond memory. Having us saying “one day”. But never fear MomsMeet has our back.

This year WowSummit is going VIRTUAL!! YES!! Mark the dates on the calendar- March 9th to March 11th. And it’s free to MomsMeet members. Remember joining MomsMeet os free too! I know you want to join in! How?

Just go to

Here you can also check out the guest speakers, complete with bios. You will truly enjoy this three day event. But not just geared for bloggers but for moms, dads, grandparents, and all kind of caregivers that love to reach out with others sharing experiences, and tips on raising happy, healthy families!

I can’t wait for March 9th! And I can’t wait to see you (virtually) there!

So first, go to www.momsmeet .com and be a member of MomsMeet. Once you’ve become a member you will see a link on the website that will take you to the WowSummit event and you can register there.

They are both totally free to join- so what are you waiting for????


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