Savy Supplement Sambucol

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has recommended a great supplement to friends and family, and I won’t be the last.

So what makes the supplement I’m about to talk about different? Let me tell you….it’s called Sambucol

Ok, first let me show you what they have

Right about now you’re saying “it looks like all the rest”. It’s what’s inside that matters! And what’s inside Sambucol is Black Elderberry.

Black elderberry is like a “super antioxidant “! It has twice the antioxidant of blueberries and more than 50% found in cranberries. Why is that good? Because there’s at least one thousand of these berries in each bottle! How about that for fighting off the flu.

Makes for a great immunity defense partner!

With various products it’s easy to find what works for you. And you can easily find it at your favorite stores.

So you’re still wondering why I said it’s different than all the rest. Well, may I say, I have downloaded the Sambucol recipe book. You heard me- yes- my favorite supplement has a recipe book!!! Their syrup product can be used almost anywhere! It’s great in a smoothie or drizzle on a yogurt granola parfait. P.S. they also make a great adult beverage cocktail!!

Now I’m not sharing this to say the only way to take it is to “hide” it. I’m sharing it because it’s a product that fits into every lifestyle.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t a gift basket of their various styles and products make for a great gift to a dear friend or favorite teacher. It may be unconventional, but isn’t giving the gift that protects your immunity really showing you care?

So Cheers! And here’s to your health!!


Not Just For Cocoa Bombs

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Yes, hot cocoa bombs have been all the rage.

With Spring making it’s way to Summer the weather gets warmer and hot drinks take a break. So why not make some quick simple treats!

I know, you’re probably thinking that it takes time and heat to bake. But with this cute kit, it takes little time!!

I do love to bake from scratch, there are times that a little cheating won’t hurt.

When baking with this kit, I do recommend putting it on a baking sheet for support.

And before you know it, they’re done!

No, this isn’t a Valentine’s Day post. You can use a heart shape anytime of the year! It’s cute for Mother’s Day, actually any day to show you care!

Had a thought, since this is a strawberry flavored cake, why not a little chocolate frosting. Now it’s chocolate covered strawberry- don’t forget the glitter!!!

Where did I get this kit you ask?? Yes, it was an Amazon find; here’s the link:

So go ahead, have some fun! Be unconventional – bake and create without traditional dates❤️

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