Not Just For Cocoa Bombs

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Yes, hot cocoa bombs have been all the rage.

With Spring making it’s way to Summer the weather gets warmer and hot drinks take a break. So why not make some quick simple treats!

I know, you’re probably thinking that it takes time and heat to bake. But with this cute kit, it takes little time!!

I do love to bake from scratch, there are times that a little cheating won’t hurt.

When baking with this kit, I do recommend putting it on a baking sheet for support.

And before you know it, they’re done!

No, this isn’t a Valentine’s Day post. You can use a heart shape anytime of the year! It’s cute for Mother’s Day, actually any day to show you care!

Had a thought, since this is a strawberry flavored cake, why not a little chocolate frosting. Now it’s chocolate covered strawberry- don’t forget the glitter!!!

Where did I get this kit you ask?? Yes, it was an Amazon find; here’s the link:

So go ahead, have some fun! Be unconventional – bake and create without traditional dates❤️

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