Immune Tool for Back to School

Back to school days have begin with such excitement of being back in-person after so many months! Seeing teachers and past classmates face to face has been an anticipated moment for students and parents a like.

As many schools have been busy prepping and creating the best safety for everyone in their facilities, us parents are also thinking of the times spent outside enjoying the Fall season, and the chill in the air that will be here soon.

So, how do we prep for the changes the seasons can bring? You know these changes, the tail end of summer that goes to the start of Fall. But, in some areas there’s still what’s been called “Indian Summer”- that quick blast of warm weather that drops suddenly to chilly weather. This is what can lead to the sniffles! So, how do we take that “ounce of prevention”?

You can, of course, go for vitamins and supplements. I like to go a more fun and fresh route. The Amarumayu route!! What is Amarumayu you ask? It’s an amazing Superfruit juice that comes in two varieties. Let me share with you what I have found.

First, let’s talk about “Superfruit”. What is it exactly? A fruit that is considered to be rich in Vitamin C and E, which are powerful antioxidants; but wait – there’s more! They also can be high in other nutrients like as fiber and potassium.

Why did I choose the Amarumayu brand? Because they use these amazing super fruits called Buriti and Camu Camu. They are found in the heart of the Amazon, wild-harvested by indigenous communities in the heart of the Amazon.

Here’s what the Buriti looks like.

Tiny with mighty nutrients! Where does this come from? The Amazon! The Buriti tree is called “The Tree of Life”, not just because it’s rich in nutrients; it has been known to provide food to hundreds of varieties and species of vertebrates over the centuries.

So, one of the Amarumayu juices is Buriti Superfruit juice.

This also includes another Superfruit called Cocona which supports the immune system and can help rejuvenate skin. So, this aluminum can of Superfruit juice packs a punch with Vitamins A sand C, Omegas 3,6, and 9. Plus, minerals like potassium, iron and calcium! this nectar-like drink has been a great mid-afternoon pick me up at work,too!

Here’s the other variety I love to have on hand, Camu Camu Superfruit.

This cute little Camu Camu fruit has 50 times as much Vitamin C as an orange, which translates to 570% DV of Vitamin C in a 16 oz. bottle!!!

Camu Camu

This variety is combined with apple. With it’s light, juice quality its been fun creating slushees with it when the warm weather hits.

Both juices are refreshing and light, of course, with great taste!! With no added sugar or preservatives.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking what these drinks in particular. Well, we all know we need to do our part to help this planet we love. And sometimes we feel that’s we are just one person, what could we do?

With Amarumayu you can help make a difference. They believe in sustainability and balance! At Amarumayu, “ Life is Equilibrium “.

Their Mission statement entails:

“Better for you: Immunity boosting, exotic Superfruit juices, highly nutritious and delicious. Better for the Amazon: we partner with & empower indigenous Peruvian communities. Better for then Planet: we support sustainable harvesting to combat climate change.

Perfect for lunch at school or work- or just on the go! Helping keep your family healthy and helping the families of the communities of the Amazon! What’s not to love!!!!

Ok, ok….. now where can you find this wonderful brand? Found in many areas on the West Coast and Texas areas. Not in those areas? Where to find them? Amazon- of course!!

Here’s to your good health and the planet!!