It’s back!

What great event is coming soon??

Yup!! If you have kids ages 6-11 that can take a cooking class at Maggiano’s. They learn how to make a few of their popular and favorite dishes on the menu. They get a cute chef’s hat (toque) to decorate and an apron. 

The event takes place on February 5,2017 from 10am- 12 noon. The cost is $40 per child/person. Not only do the kids get the hat and cooking class but they and their accompanying parent get to have a buffet lunch after class- AND a goodie bag before you go!!

It is a great experience! So reserve your spot now!

In Richmond you can call or contact:

(804) 253-0900,


Girl time is precious 

Every now and then you have to stop, gather the girls and “Reboot”.

But you don’t have to do the usual wine and dine…. why not have a Paint nite!!

You start with a fresh canvas

Your “teacher” takes you through creating your own masterpiece 

You can have drinks and /or snacks as you  create and catch up with those dear to you. There’s no judgement, and no two paintings that will be the same.

And that’s the best part!! It’s the time you spend together, let your creative juices flow and walk away with a great memory!

Check your area for groups such as Paint Nite.

Bonus: use the code “Happytrees35” for a discount!!!

Gave it a try

Ever since the apple rose hit the web, now there’s the potato rose. Gotta go savory.

Steps were basically the same

But I did give them a flavorful bath soak with garlic, onions, salt and pepper.

Since they soaked, didn’t have to heat them up like with the apples.

And the end result…… 

Yummy and pretty side dish!

Easy on a Sunday morning 

Cooking something special shouldn’t have to take hours. I love crepes, and I found this mix at Cost Plus World Market:

So I gave it a go…… I had some pre- sautéed apples in the freezer that I made back in the Fall after a trip to the nearby orchard.

And viola! “Apple pie ” crepes!!

Not bad for my first try!!

Feeling the love

Ever walk up to your front door and see there’s an unexpected package?

Well, we did today….. curiosity peaks.

What a great surprise! We received a wonderful gift from our dear friends back in Texas!!

We feel loved!! Not because it’s a cheesecake from the Iconic Carnegie Deli in NYC. But because they wanted to share a small part of their trip, because they thought of us during their travels.

It’s what it’s all about.