A welcome kit

Who can turn down free products and coupons in a exchange for 5-10 minutes of my time???

I joined a group called BzzAgent. You get “invited” to try out new products according to your profile.

Today I got something from them in the mail

I love it! It’s not huge, but it’s fun to have received something to make me feel like an official member. It also came with a little magnet inside. Again, it’s nothing huge, but it did make me feel welcome and put a smile on my face.

Have you heard of Crowdtap?

The words “free products to sample” are always enticing. Especially to a person like me that has an obsession with trying new things! 

Here’s the latest, I joined Crowdtap! There are fun missions and polls to participate in.

Here’s the first sample product I received 

With my sample kit came a recipe card with different dishes. I love deviled eggs, and one recipe was deviled eggs- yay!

Love that it only needed a few ingredients to pack a punch. This mustard is different!

Truly, a little bit goes a omg way!!

You gotta give it a try!


What is more precious than spending alone time with your child? Being able to spend that time in a place that believes in family as much as you do!

One such place is Chick-fil-A! Their recent event:

A night filled with more than just food. There were tiaras, caricatures, live music, and of course, the infamous cow!!

It was so special to see dads in suits and their little “princesses” in their most cutest dresses. Because this is what family is about! 

It’s these simple things that make the most lasting memories. Sometimes even become a tradition!

Joined a new one

As you have noticed from past articles, I join lots of groups and newsletters.

Here’s the latest one I’ve joined- Pinch Me

Now at first, I thought “wow, there’s a bunch of stuff to answer”. But, what now that I’ve completed it all?

Well, here it is ! A fun box of samples and product!! Can’t wait until the next one!

When you have to reach for a frozen meal….

When you are in a bind and have to reach for a frozen meal, you stare at the frozen aisle and think ” how do you decide from the plethora of meals?”. There are dozens of brands, food styles and sizes. So, how do you navigate?

But wait! Here’s a brand that doesn’t have the usual Salisbury steak or pizza- Luvo Frozen meals

I never expected to see a Tandoori inspired meal! What?!? Red wine braised beef with polenta?? Ok, I’m game- but what about taste?

As you see from the photo I grabbed one of what was available at my local store and grabbed close friends and forks and said, “let’s try this out!”

It was easy to prepare, I used the oven instructions. 

Who would’ve thought there’s was more than just the usual meals!


All in all everyone found their favorite meal. 

Please note that they do list on the box the “intensity” of spiciness of the meal. If your “wimpy” like me, the red wine braised beef with polenta is fabulous!

The Tandoori-inspired spiced chicken is spicy (at least for me), but addicting!! You can’t put your fork down, though I think I’ll need more milk to soothe my mouth – hahaha!

For more information and coupons go to 


You’ll be glad you did!!!!

Daddy- daughter date night

I know everyone has busy schedules! But, we can always make time for a meal. 

Now let’s put two favorites together; a daddy-daughter date night and Chick-fil-A!! 

How does that go together? Just like this:

In my area it will take place on Friday, February 24th .

Here’s the link to reserve your spot:https://events.my.chick-fil-a.com/rsvp

Check your local Chic Fil A for their schedule of events.

The evening includes dinner for 2, live music, flowers, pictures with the cow, and a “back stage tour”!! The price for all this fun is only $20!! 

At: http://www.marketing@cfaspc.com you can reserve your time slot.

See you there!!