Have you “brunch-ed” today?

Brunch is a great meal! You don’t have to wake up early for it and it always feels special. Bobby Flay loves it so much he has a whole show devoted to it!!

But not all brunches are created equal. Sure, you can do your own at home, but it’s so much more when you go out for it. Case in point, did you know Maggiano’s does brunch?

No, they don’t serve spaghetti on the brunch menu! Here’s what they have:

The hardest part is deciding what to get. So…. my husband and I decided to get a few and shared. Well, as much as we would let ourselves share – hahaha!

Here’s what we had:

With the brunch comes a complimentary citrus cinnamon streusel to begin the meal

Here’s our order:

What a feast!!

Lemon ricotta pancakes, that taste like a dessert!!! You can choose a side to go with it.

Jumbo crab cake Benedict!

Meatball Benedict- who knew? 

Both are packed with flavor! Now there are other combinations to choose from, it’s just deciding which one to get!!

Now, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to have brunch. Maggiano’s offers a smaller menu from Monday to Friday, 11 am- 3pm:

The full brunch menu is served Saturday and Sundays, also 11am- 3pm.

And just in case there’s someone in the group that’s not a brunch-person, the regular lunch menu is also offered.

Don’t forget to make your reservations!

See you there!!!


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